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Our drone in-a-box. Weighing under 1kg, Operatives on the ground can deploy the automatically programmed drone for close quarter on demand deployment.
Surveys can be initiated at either end of the pipeline, utilise GPS fencing, machine vision containment or a tether for close quarter localisation. After capture the return and processing of data is automated through the cloud to be stored in industry specific contexts.
Using differential imaging we can monitor changes within generated point clouds. Utilising data from the national air traffic system, GPS and advanced sense and avoidance systems we ensure safety and log all flight data for accountability.


We are constantly striving to develop systems that offer the best service for our clients.

Specialised UAV systems

- GPS and machine vision based geofencing
- Advanced sense and avoid systems
- On-board cm accurate RTK positioning
- Intelligent on-board computing system.

Integrated data services

- Web based flight request interface
- Automated data collection
- Processing and storage of data in the cloud
- Distribution of data in industry specific contexts

Use cases

- Automated wind turbine surveying
- Scheduled comparative imagery analysis of construction
- On demand agricultural surveys
- Close quarter housing stock inspection.


Cayton Bay - Monitoring.

Central Alliance - Surveying.

Senvion - Inspection.

Yorkshire Water - Utilities.


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Chief Executive Officer

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Director of Operations 

John O'Hare

Chief Technical Officer


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